Venus enters Pisces

March 11, 2024
When Venus, the planet that represents love, beauty, and money enters Pisces, a sign known for its dreamy and intuitive qualities, it brings with it a shift in how we relate to others and pursue our desires. Pisces is characterized by empathy, emotional depth and unbridled imagination. With Venus in Pisces, our relationships and desires may take on a more compassionate, sensitive, and romantic tone.

This period evokes an atmosphere of understanding and unselfish love as our hearts open to feeling deeply. Expressions of love become more imaginative and less bound by convention. Venus's placement in this water sign can often lead us to love without boundaries. It encourages us to embrace universal love, compassion for others' suffering, empathy towards their experiences, and offers the opportunity to expand our spiritual growth. We may also find ourselves attracted to the mysterious elements during this transit which could lead to exploring artistic pursuits or fantastical romance.

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