Tarot Love Cards and Water Signs

There are many connections between the four earth based elements of astrology (wind, water, earth and fire), and the tarot. Typically, these relationships involve various cards within the major arcana, and specific signs of the zodiac. In both the tarot and astrology, the progression from one card or sign to the next suggests a great deal about the choices we make, as well as what we can expect at various stages of life.

Coincidentally, in both astrology and the tarot, emotions are often symbolized by water. Without a question, the zodiac signs associated with water are as powerful and unstoppable as the forces which drive us to find mates. Each water sign represents the romantic journey an individual will take from birth to death. In a similar way, the five cards in the major arcana that are most associated with fertility issues describe the journey of a couple. Therefore, tarot cards related to the stages of a romantic partnership and the water signs of the zodiac from a perfect supplement to each other.

While it may sound somewhat cynical, there is only one end to physical life, no matter who we are born to, or what we do during our lives. That said, between birth and death we have many opportunities for happiness and comfort. The ability of a society to survive and move forward is also heavily dependent on the ability of individuals to successfully raise children to maturity. Therefore, it should be no wonder that almost all systems of divination devote a great deal of time and attention to the life cycle of a romance.

Of all the signs of the zodiac, Scorpio is the most closely associated with passion, allure, and mystery. In many ways, Scorpio represents the young person in all of us. This sign speaks of the young man or woman searching for a mate as well as the creation of a firm basis in the world. These are the times of forceful emotions, fierce action, and uncontrollable desires.

As we begin to move past the early adult years, we begin to develop some control of ourselves, and become more suitable candidates for raising a family. Perhaps it can be said that the successful completion of our "Scorpio years" will result in a Magician and an Empress. The Magician is able to secure all the material necessities for survival, while the Empress is filled with all the bounty and fertility with which to bring forth and raise children.

In any community, there are dozens of people reaching this stage of life at a similar time. As a result, it is not always easy to know which person will make the best mate. For this reason, the card of the Lovers is also called the card of choices. At the same time, individuals moving into the sign of Cancer learn to see what is inside. Recognizing a soul-mate can be as sudden as a moment in the sunshine, or a meeting of eyes over a cup of coffee. This second water sign provides the perfect environment for the newly emerged Magician and Empress to start and raise families.

Irregardless of how happy we are with our families, careers, and overall lifestyle, there comes a point when we realize that the best years of our life are gone. Mid-life crisis isn't just a time when we begin to contemplate our children leaving home, it is a time when we begin to wonder what will happen to us after we die. At the same time, we may still be engaged in nurturing activities.

Depending on what our life goals are, and how much we have actually achieved, many negative emotions and sentiments can come to the surface. Feelings of being chained to defendants, and even resentment of the families we have created are well symbolized by the Devil. This feeling of being trapped can last for years. Even as a couple strives to continue on with their initial plans, they may feel like they are dead inside. Whatever spark or sense brought them together may or may not survive this stage.

Many people in mid-life crisis look at the children they have raised, and feel they have failed. Irregardless of whether a child picks an unsuitable mate, can't hold a job, or has other issues, the parents suffer with their own emotions. As a result, self-pity, and a feeling of hopelessness, as represented by the Moon, also symbolize the waning energies of the Cancer stage of our lives.

Interestingly enough, Pisces, the final water sign, is also the last sign of the zodiac. As we stretch into old age, and towards the final cards of the tarot, we begin to surrender our soul to the universe. The cards of love and romance, and all our choices related to how to manage our fertility are gone and passed. We no longer look back mournfully on our youth, or to the side at the mate we may or may not still have with us. Rather, we look to the end of this life, and prepare for the beginning of the next one.

For societies that believe in reincarnation, the transition from Scorpio to Cancer to Pisces is as natural as the sun going and coming back again. The choices we make in terms of who we will create, and raise children with is in harmony with the very essence of life, death, and the carrying forward with life again. As a result, we are no longer separate humans, but tied in to the very essence of what it is to be a living being.

Tarot and astrology are just two reminders that we are not really strangers to ourselves, those who live alongside us, or to the millions of people that have gone before us. Rather, we are all seeking to find answers to the same problems our ancestors had. Perhaps one day we will all come full circle at the same time, and realize that the journey itself was the answer we sought all along.

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